Vlissingen Dokkershaven

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Taken from the back blurp (special thanks to author Johan Claeys):

The excavations in the Schelde Quarter in the City of Flushing, on the south side of the Dokkers Harbor, provided for a unique opportunity for archaeological research: cesspits, church foundations, defensive military constructions, cemeteries, neighbourhoods, everything has been protected for decades underneath the massive shipyards of the Royal Schelde Group, as if it were a time capsule, in which we got to take a peek in 2007.

Our story is inhabited by everyday and exotic objects, intriguing structures and prominent characters, who bring the 17th century city of Flushing back to life. Flushing as a global port, but also an operating base for piracy. A city where the maid goes cleaning in one of the stately mansions at the Dokke, only to return to her smaller workers house in the New City. A community in which the elite awaits a worthy grave tomb within the English or Walloon church, but where the majority ends up anonimously in a mass grave.

In "Vier eeuwen leven en sterven aan de Dokkershaven in Vlissingen" [i.e. "Four centuries living and dying at the Dokkersharbour in Flushing"] death is represented by graveyards, grave finds and skeletal remains of the deceased themselves. Life we find in all it's facets in the foundations of houses, streets and courtyards and the many finds coming from brickstone cesspits and wooden barrel wells.

Thanks to an extensive analysis of forty refuse contexts, connected to an archival study of the associated buildings, we get into contact with the human being behind the finds. People who we can follow until their final resting place under the church towers of their neighbourhood.

This book does not only offer valuable information for the professional researcher. Because of the personal viewpoint everyone with a heart for the City of Flushing, archaeology and history will find his own way through this story. The future of the New Schelde Quarter is ensured now that it's history has been reveiled.

Written in Dutch, richly illustrated. Order at: HALOS/ArchaeoBook (and watch the news item from the 17th of February 2010 ).

Jacob Schotten wrote a positive review in the independent professional magazine for heritage studies Vitruvius nr. 16, july 2011.

J. Claeys, N.L. Jaspers & S. Ostkamp, 2010
"Vier eeuwen leven en sterven aan de Dokkershaven in Vlissingen", ADC-Monografie 9, Amersfoort. Hardcover, 728 pp., incl. 113 pp. fullcolour catalogus van keramiek en glas.
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