Maiolica workshops from Harlingen

The products from the majolica workshops "Aan de Schritsen hoek Raamstraat" and "Buiten de Kerkpoort"
The final report is finished on the waste of the two earliest majolica workshops in Friesland, located in the historic maritime city of Harlingen. The oldest workshop "Hoek Raamstraat de Schritsen" left us with waste dating from the first quarter of the 17th century and the other workshop "Buiten de Kerkpoort" with material that dates from around 1650. Two wonderful finds from the beautiful collection of the municipal museum Het Hannemahuis and a great cooperation with Paul Crucq for making hundreds of photographs and the graphic design of the Terra Cotta Incognita Special nr. 1. Big thanks to dr. Pieter-Jan Tichelaar for editing and technical remarks and to the Foundation Fries Aardewerk for making this project financially possible.

The Terra Cotta Incognita Special nr. 1 will be presented at our stand at the Reuvensdagen 2013 in Groningen. The Special nr. 1 is available for order at SPA Publishers. NB: The special is written in Dutch.