Current research

My MA-thesis on 16th- and 17th-century Italian imported ceramic from Dutch soil was completed in 2007 at the University of Amsterdam. Prof.dr. J.H.G. Gawronski and drs. S. Ostkamp coordinated the research, which resulted in a classificationmodel for Italian ceramics among Dutch archaeological finds.

I have continued the research which will result in a PhD-thesis at Leiden University (promotor prof. F.C.W.J. Theuws) with the aim of publishing a handbook in English on the subject afterwards. The classificationmodel from the MA-thesis focusses on providing the correct attribuitions concerning decorative groups, provenance and dating Italian and French tinglazed ceramics that archaeologists encounter in Dutch soil. On the right you can see some examples of these finds.

The research is made possible thanks to stipendia and funds by the Ottema-Kingma Stichting and the GWO-foundation.