2009, Clean and infinitely preferable

Italian maiolica found in Dutch soil (1550-1700)

This article was published in May 2009 in a Dutch magazine for the study of ceramics and glass, named Vormen uit Vuur (nr. 204). In this article a classification model for Italian import ceramics based on the present knowledge of decorations, styles, morphology and origins of Italian faience from Dutch soil is discussed. It is a summary of the MA-thesis presented in 2007 at the University of Amsterdam, coordinated by Prof. Dr. J. Gawronski and Drs. S. Ostkamp.

In a, yet to be published, monograph in English all this and various other matters will be discussed in more detail. Article and monography both aim to give a new impulse to the archaeological research on these finds. Also it wants to be a foundation for further interpretation on this subject on a contextual level.

The article is written in Dutch (includes an English summary).

Jaspers, N.L., 2009: "Schoon en werkelijk aangenaam. Italiaanse faience uit Nederlandse bodem (1550-1700)", Vormen uit Vuur 204, 2-31.