Archeometic analyses

In my MA-thesis on Italian imports from Dutch soil, questions were formulated about the production provenance of certain specific groups among the imports. It concerns tin glazed ceramics decorated in the compendiario style and complete white ware, which are not of local origin. Archaeometric analyses are used to find answers to the raised research questions.

This archaeometric research started in 2007 and is a cooperation between the Bureau of Monuments and Archaeology (BMA) of the City Counsil in Amsterdam and the Centro Nazionale delle Ricerche-Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologia dei Materiali Ceramici (CNR-ISTEC). Archaeological finds from Amsterdam are being analysed and compared with finds from Italian production sites.

Researchers involved in the project are: Francesca Amato (CNR-ISTEC), Bruno Fabbri (CNR-ISTEC), Jerzy Gawronski (BMA/ University of Amsterdam), Sabrina Gualtieri (CNR-ISTEC) and Nina Jaspers (Terra Cotta Incognita).

Our research and findings were presented as scientific posters at the European Meeting on Ancient Ceramics, held at the British Museum in London in 2009 and on the 37th International Symposium for Archaeometry in Siena in 2008. The posters shown on the right are ready for download below. My co-researcher Francesca Amato and myself presented our research as a lecture at the 11a Giornata di Archeometria in Pesaro 2007.

Poster London EMAC 2009
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