At the congress Assembled Articles IV, on the 16th of September 2010, I  presented two digital gadget that can facilitate the use of the 'Classification system for late and post medieval ceramics and glass", also known as the 'Deventer system', first introduced in 1989 (Clevis & Kottman 1989). The Deventer system is used by archaeologists to determine which type of ceramics and glass is excavated.

The first gadget contains a standardisation of colours to be used for the 48 paste types that are used within the 'Deventer system', as can be seen on the figure on the right. The colours are chosen as much as possible by association with the paste (so red for redware, grey for greyware, etc.). The colours can be used for creating uniformity in charts used in archaeological publications, in order to be better legible and comparable between different contexts and archaeological sites. The colourscheme is accesible in an Excel-sheet. Furthermore it contains a macro that automatically adds the defined colours to your charts. The excel-sheet is ready for download below.

The second gadget is the Deventer system (by now an over 600 pp. paper version) digitalized to PDF. To minimize time loss and frustrated energy on endlessly browsing the analogue version, the pdf is filled with bookmarks that will bring you asap to the place you want to be (to open the bookmarks: click the tab on the left in the PDF). (Post-)medieval archaeologists working on the determination of your ceramic finds: be my guest, download it at the bottom of this page and take advantage of this happy tool! This version contains the 2010 version of the Deventer system, without the glass section. As soon as the 2011 version for ceramics and glass is processed it will be available here and via the website of ADC-ArcheoProjecten (mail to:


Clevis, H. & J.H.P. Kottman, 1989, "Weggegooid en teruggevonden. Aardewerk en glas uit Deventer vondstcomplexen 1375-1750." Kampen.

Jaspers, N.L., 2011, "Twee digitale toepassingen voor het Deventer Systeem: bladwijzers en standaard kleurcodes voor bakselgroepen", in: Clevis, H. (red.), Assembled Articles 4, Zwolle, 89-100.

Deventer systeem digitaal 2010 met bookmarks
Deventer_systeem_2010_digitaal_met_bookmarks.pdf (32.4 Mb)
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Deventer systeem bakselcodes kleurenschema (116 Kb)